Out of the Box, is Belinda Wrigley’s life in song of the past few years.  “This album is about what God has been doing in me, around me and what I see Him doing in worship in my travels around the world.”  And travelled she has.  Belinda has seen the world. And all of this makes its way into her music and how she perceives God.  “Life is about receiving God’s life, His love, His goodness, His freedom, His grace and releasing God’s love in life and in song.  God has taken me on an incredible adventure and it is my privilege to share this adventure with others through this album.  He makes us unique and God wants us to be free to be who He has made us to be.  This is the album in a nutshell – that people put God in a box – and that people put themselves and others in boxes too.  I have a passion to see the awareness of the presence of God in us, over us and around us.  this album is  heart offering to my King”.

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Out of the box is available on iTunes, CD Baby and CUM Books.


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